When it comes to moving to an assisted living facility, like the one represented at http://www.graceseniorcommunity.com, the actual moving day can be particularly stressful. If you are helping a loved one transition to assisted living, use this guide to help make the transition a bit easier and to get your relative settled in to the new home.

Rent A Storage Unit

Your loved one may be concerned about giving up personal belongings, such as furniture, that won't fit in his or her new home. Consider renting a storage unit and placing these items in storage. You can rotate out pieces of furniture or other belongings in the assisted living apartment so your relative can still enjoy favorite possessions. Be sure to label items going to the storage unit and items going to the facility as this will help to ensure everything arrives at the right location.

Plan A Special Meal

Your loved one may feel nervous or anxious on the day of the move. Consider taking him or her out for lunch or dinner at a favorite restaurant as a way to spend quality time together that has nothing to do with the move. This can give you both a chance to relax for a bit, and it creates a happy start to this new chapter of your loved one's life.

Stock The Kitchen

Whether your relative will be making meals in the new apartment or dining in the cafeteria, stocking the kitchen is a good idea. This provides meal options should your loved one be nervous about meeting new people in the cafeteria, and it offers a way to remain independent by cooking a meal at home. Fill the cabinets with staples, such as canned vegetables, pasta, rice, and soup, and consider filling the freezer with frozen entrees, which are easy to prepare.

Hire A Moving Company

Hiring a moving company can make the big day much less stressful. It frees you up to spend time with your loved one and help him or her to settle in while someone else does the heavy moving. When you discuss the move, be sure to let the movers know if you will need items moved to multiple locations, such as your home or a self-storage unit. Map out where furniture will go in the new apartment, and let your relative have a say in where items will be placed.

Talk to the director at the assisted living facility for any other moving tips and tricks you can use to help your loved one get settled in, and remember to let him or her know when you'll be visiting next. This gives your relative something to look forward to, letting him or her know that you are still very much involved.