It's no secret that a natural part of life is aging, and, unfortunately, no one is immune to the effects of passing years. While this is no secret, most people are unaware of the reason and science behind why aging happens. What causes the body to change throughout the years, making it harder for movements that were previously easy such as running or jumping? As scientists have worked to find that answer, some researchers have been interested in a related and even more compelling question: is there a way to significantly and safely slow down the aging process? While it may seem simply in the realm of science fiction, scientists have not only discovered the cells in the human body that can increase problems with aging -- they have begun to learn how to slow aging altogether:

Senescent Cells Are Literally Killing You

As the human body ages, scientists have discovered that senescent cells within your body are increasing at a phenomenal speed. In addition to creating the natural aging process, researchers have learned that the senescent cells are responsible for creating many of the diseases associated with aging. Over time, these cells begin to accumulate in certain areas of the body-- such as knees inflamed from arthritis, arteries throughout the body, and cataracts within the eyes. As they build up, the natural process of aging accelerates in these areas first, causing more physical issues for you as a result. As time goes on, the result of more things breaking down and going wrong in the body is inevitably death-- something that no one can avoid.

Fountain of Youth

Throughout time, humans have searched for a means to slow down or stop the aging process completely. In times full of mystery and myth, explorers like Juan Ponce de Leon searched for a fountain of youth, a fabled means of staying young forever. Of course, people know today that such stories were never true at all. As medicine and medical knowledge advances, however, scientists have begin to make startling discoveries. In fact, researchers have recently begun to discover possible ways to slow the aging process (and the associated diseases as a result). Simply stated, the drugs that researchers are testing will reduce and kill senescent cells within your body-- essentially destroying the entire cause behind your body aging in the first place!

While living forever is still an impossibility for the human race, it may not be surprising in the near future to see lifespans greatly expanded and the diseases associated with aging disappear! For the time being, however, it's safest to have help as you age -- and that's where experts like Casa De Palomas come in.