If you have an elderly parent who is experiencing a bit of trouble seeing properly, but who wants to keep their independent living status, there are a few items that may be of help. Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, and Diabetes are some of the conditions that cause low vision that might not be easily repaired with corrective lenses. If your parent has one of these conditions, they may have difficulty doing things around the home, safely. Your parent needs to be able to see certain things so they are not putting themselves in harm's way. To lessen the risk of injury, consider looking into some of the following tools to aid in vision so your parent can continue living unassisted.

Reading Help

There are some items around the home that will need to be read in order to avoid injury. Medication prescription bottles and food packaging are two examples of items that need to be followed so your parent does not take the wrong dosage or eat ingredients that cause them allergies. Consider getting a magnifying device that easily plugs into the back of your television set. This fairly new invention allows your parent to place an item underneath a scanner, transferring the image onto the television set. It can be magnified and easily read in this manner. These are great tools for helping your parent read mail, letters, or bills.

Talking Products

There are an abundance of items that have computerized "talking" to help guide your parent through some everyday tasks easier than without. Computerized talking watches can help give the time instead of having to squint to look at a tiny screen. If your parent wants to hear a story or listen to bible passages, they can be done with the use of digital talking books. Calculators, calendars and remote controls can all be purchased with voice-activation to make life much easier for your visually impaired parent.

Help While Out Of The Home

When your parent leaves the house to go to lunch with a friend, or grocery shopping for essentials, it may be difficult for them to do things as they had in the past. Small magnifying glasses can be used to help enlarge the print of a menu or the sale price on a sign. These can be kept in your parent's wallet or purse for a quick grab when needed. Another type of magnifier is placed in glasses frames to wear around the neck. This allows your parent to put them on to look at something without looking as if they are obvious in having trouble seeing.

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